Google Maps API new pricing system: What does it mean?

Google Maps Platform


What do you see when you open your website map? Is it a low-resolution map, watermarked as “for development purposes only” or does it show an error message, or it just stops to function completely? If you don’t see those things right now, it is only because your website turn did not come up yet. Still sooner or later the above mentioned will show on your website map. To help you understand and know the procedure of the new changes, we created this article for you. Please know that these changes are not under our control by any means.


What is this?

Google has always provided the Map service and some other services for free. It was called “Google Maps developer Platform”. However, starting this June 2018 and after 13 years, Google decided to stop this and started putting down a price structure for the users. They now announced it as “Google Maps Platform”, which is the start of a chain of updates.


What is different?

What differentiates the old platform and the new one are mainly two things. The first one is about the APIs and the second is that it is no longer for free. Google had before 18 individual APIs that are now narrowed down to three core APIs –Maps, Routes and Places. Earlier you did not need to have a key API for your map, but now keyless API will result in marking your map with “for development purposes only”. Google now merged the Standard and the Premium Plans together, increasing its prices with more than 1,400%. This percentage is an estimate developed by users as Google did not provide a clear old price to be compared with the new pricing plan.


What is the NEW Pricing Plan?

Now the new pricing plan of each API is based on pay-as-you-go model. Each user will have to create a billing account on Google Cloud Platform to benefit from the free $200 monthly usage of the three core products. Your map page can be loaded up to 28,000 per month for free and exceeding the limit will cause in getting billed per thousand views.  


Google Maps Platform New Pricing Plan


How can this be limited?

It is really simple; just go to your Google Maps Console and in there you will have the chance to apply daily usage limits. In addition, you will be able to set your account up to receive notifications by email for specific usage threshold. Google Maps Console will make it easy for you to keep record of your usage along with some other benefits.  


So What NOW?

Don’t worry; Perfectneeds will make this easy for you. All you need to do now is just create a billing account Google Cloud Platform through this link: When you finish doing that, you will give us access to your account so that we can adjust the APIs for you and enable each specific API you use for your website. DON’T WORRY; we will not have any kind of access to your credit cards information nor your personal information. Contact Us NOW to start the process ASAP.


Are there any SPECIAL CASES?

Actually yes! Nonprofit organizations, startups, crisis response, and news media organizations have the chance to apply for bonus Google Maps Platform discounts.

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